Monday, June 21

The Advantages of Owning a Scuba Diving Business in the Tropics

This seems like a silly article but after going through this with MANY couples over the past few years during discussions for selling a dive business, I thought I would get it down.

The #1 factor to remember when talking about possessing a Scuba Dive Business from the tropics is the Principal reason we all do it:

To live a tropical lifestyle on an island and dip whenever we need to

The achievement of a scuba business and the real gain comes from your high quality and ease of the lifestyle of its owners.

That is the reason why 99 percent of all scuba business owners at tropical destinations are there. They would like to live the lifestyle on the island and dive any time they want to. If all of us keep this in mind, it makes things a lot simpler in selling/buying those businesses.

Let me record through the reasons why I, along with my friends, have made the decision to reside and own a scuba diving business in the islands.

Here are the PRO’S


Hours working

Owning your own business, handling it properly and having the right staff is fully achievable to let you work on your terms. I have friends who will afford in the cafe drinking coffee and wine, or devote its kite surfing and to shut their dive operations on each Sunday. Business is great, and this is the way that they run it.

BIG boss

Being your own boss; yes something we all relish. This has many advantages in the day to day, but even more than that, psychologically it makes us all feel great. Being a master of our own fate and success (and potential failure of course) is a fantastic place to be for those willing to take responsibility. cayman island scuba diving

Responsibility? Indeed, this is sometimes a burden on a number of people. In case the business thrives or if it dwindles, this lands on our own shoulders.

You can try to blame anybody or anything else (the Global Financial Crisis has been the preferred to attribute in the last couple of years…), but in reality, it is our ship to steer. Either into waters and blue skies, or onto the rocks. You’re still the Captain, although the weather will go and come. Where and how the ship sails, you command.

Great Friends

The friends we’ve made out here in the tropics are among the major benefits of the lifestyle. They have a great open frame of mind, just by being among the group of people keen to”throw off bowlines” and live someplace new.

High Standard of living

This section, in my view, is a significant high point of owning a scuba diving business from the tropics. Until you’ve tried it doesn’t belittle it!


With residing in largely a growing country the price of labor is lower. There is A housekeeper a regular part of existence, although a luxury. I can not recall the last time I touched dishes or a vacuum cleaner!


goes for laundry as housekeeping. I drop them at the basket and”as though by magic” they are clean, ironed, and folded back into my own wardrobe! The washing machine does not ever touch or fold clothes and put them away. That is a huge recapture of hours of your life…


I have no children (disclosure) but ALL my friends do, and one of the principal reasons they are living life is that they can have a fulltime nanny for the children. Once more this frees up life immensely.

Now not to mention that they don’t see their kids, rather the contrary. E.g. we would all take a day off to visit the shore, Alice would phone her nanny in the home and have her get all 3 children ready for the shore, by the time WE get to the home 15mins later, all children, beach-ready’! All we do is select up’em, go play at the beach!

Do NOT underestimate how much fun/play time you can have with your children whenever you have Nanny-support! And all at a price which we can all manage here…

Private Schools

All of the children I know here in the tropics are going to go to the best international school in the country. This really is affordable in developing countries. Add to the international nature of school attendance and education is wonderful.

And do not worry about the academic levels, 2 kids from one of the schools here in Fiji just went to Oxford University in the UK this season!

Automobile washing

I know it sounds silly, but using a weekly fully washed and thorough car is something I love here. My car is always sparkling with the scuba equipment I slid into and out of the trunk of it!


I love gardening, allow, I begin with that point. On the other hand, the requirement to cut the grass every 10-14 days (this is the tropics and everything DOES grow bloody fast!) Does wear you down. So ALL of us have anglers that do all the boring grunt and hard work in the garden (unless I have an impulse ). This frees me to play the gardening I want to do.

Cheap Cost of Living

Buying a House

Buying a house locally is quite doable for many business owners. And I’m not speaking about a flat or flat on the 3rd floor. Most of us after a few years have nice size homes.

And don’t rule out spacious decks and swimming pools. All remarkably cheap as a scuba business owner in the tropics. Bear in mind the costs in the developing nations tend to be a whole lot more manageable than in developed countries.

Cost of Living

The overall cost of living in the island nations is finally affordable.

Fresh fruit and veg and local delicacies are available and cheap, to say the least on many islands. And the fruit tastes genuine since it has not spent two weeks at a polystyrene box at a refrigerate ship! Nothing like fruit from the current market, and pawpaws off the shrub in the garden lol!

Local restaurants are great (select your country wisely… I knew somebody who purchased a dive center in Mexico but who loathed Mexican foods; destined to fail!) And totally affordable. We eat out half the time!

Powerful AU$/US$

The majority of diving destinations globally are in developing nations. The developed nations dollars (and Euros, GBP, etc, etc) are extremely powerful in contrast to any developing country local currency. This gives us a lot more buying power locally…


Dive whenever

Ah yes, the first thing got us into this business in the first location. And yes, we still do so. ? They will not be in the business more. You need to maintain diving’s magic and love to make this lifestyle worthwhile!

Educate PADI when you want

Perhaps you’ve just started to teach and are still REALLY excited to enter the pool every day with DSD’s. Hell, I love to jump DSD’s and present the’magical’; of breathing underwater into want-to-be divers’ whole new set.

Yet on a cold rainy grey morning… well… Not really much. This is the boss’s privilege of course!