The Advantages of Owning a Scuba Diving Business in the Tropics

This seems like a silly article but after going through this with MANY couples over the past few years during discussions for selling a dive business, I thought I would get it down.

The #1 factor to remember when talking about possessing a Scuba Dive Business from the tropics is the Principal reason we all do it:

To live a tropical lifestyle on an island and dip whenever we need to

The achievement of a scuba business and the real gain comes from your high quality and ease of the lifestyle of its owners.

That is the reason why 99 percent of all scuba business owners at tropical destinations are there. They would like to live the lifestyle on the island and dive any time they want to. If all of us keep this in mind, it makes things a lot simpler in selling/buying those businesses. Read More

Helpful Tips For Buying Scuba Diving Gear On a Budget

You are probably going to want to start putting together your own kit of scuba diving gear instead of continuing to rent it out of your tour supplier, once you get bitten by the scuba diving bug. This is particularly true if you go to more advanced dives and wish to start making excursions or with friends. However, purchasing everything that you want can get expensive which is why we have put together some helpful suggestions for purchasing your scuba diving kit on a budget! Read More